Water retention & storage basins

Retention and storage basins belong to the category of water engineering structures. Their task is to collect and control water from various sources, such as precipitation, sewage or flood water. The capacity and design of the basins depend on their intended use. There are various different types of basin.

Large retention basins and flood polders are needed to protect low-lying areas along rivers and watercourses against flooding. Appropriately dimensioned stormwater retention basins are constructed in order to protect infrastructure and traffic routes against heavy rainfall and stormwater. The purpose of these basins is often to delay the discharge of rainwater into the sewer system, or they are used as soakaways to allow controlled seepage into the ground. In practice, such basins include separate sections for this purpose, with subdivisions created using baffles and screens.

Storage and retention basins, on the other hand, generally always contain water, since they are used to store water for a long period of time. They can have different purposes, such as providing water for fire fighting or water for agricultural purposes.

Various geosynthetics are used in the construction and maintenance of stormwater retention basins and storage basins. These include polymeric geomembranes, clay liners, erosion control mats and non-woven fabrics, which perform the functions of sealing, filtering, separating and reinforcing.

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