Flat roofs

Roofs with an inclination of less than 10 degrees are classified as flat roofs. Flat roofs can be put to use in many different ways: as a roof terrace, or a greened area that serves as an ecological retreat for animals and plants, or as a rainwater retention area. Greened flat roofs also improve the microclimate in towns and cities. In densely populated inner-city locations, in particular, flat roofs therefore have an important role as usable and, ideally, greened open spaces.

The various functional layers of the flat roof must be suitable for the intended use. The critical role here is played by the roof sealing – and its protection against damage. Special systems that incorporate root-barrier membranes, drainage mats, non-woven fabrics and structural protection mats have found application here. Such systems allow flat roofs, garages, carports, shopping centres, underground car parks or commercial buildings to be safely and reliably greened.

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