Garden and landscaping works

The green sector of gardening and landscaping incorporates the design, construction and subsequent maintenance of private, commercial and public open spaces and outdoor facilities. Among the most common tasks in gardening and landscaping are the creation of green spaces and private gardens, including the greening of roofs and underground car parks, the construction of paths, the design of public places and parks, and the creation of outdoor facilities around buildings and structures. If these works are attractively designed and professionally installed, green spaces and paths can be used for many years without any damage and with no need for re-designing.

One of the prerequisites for a long service life, in addition to good design and the professional expertise of the contractor, is high-quality construction materials. Especially in the case of roof and underground car park greening, tested products are a basic prerequisite for professional implementation. To ensure that this type of green roofing remains intact for a long time, the roof sealing, structural protection, drainage, filter fabrics and substrate materials must be carefully coordinated. This is why system solutions are usually used.

In public and private green spaces as well as in private gardens, natural greens and natural grass usually predominate. However, if there is too much foot traffic on the lawn areas or if there is a desire for year-round green, then synthetic turf is a suitable alternative. Synthetic turf is usually used in public areas such as playgrounds, kindergartens and schools, i.e. where children play frequently and natural grass is therefore not able to grow and regenerate. Synthetic turf is also commonly used in accessible outdoor areas of hospitals, restaurants and businesses, where heavy use is expected. In private gardens, synthetic turf is mainly used in very dry areas and on roofs and terraces. You can find a synthetic turf with the right properties to suit practically any type of application and any requirement.

If fall protection also plays a role in the landscaping, fall protection surfaces made of elastic tiles or interlocking pavers made of rubber granulate are generally used. For projects with particularly demanding design requirements, however, in-situ jointless surfacing is the first choice. This can be supplemented with jointless natural stone surfacing, which consists of coloured natural stone granules and is also laid in-situ. These materials make it possible to design particularly attractive outdoor facilities that offer the great advantage of being barrier-free.

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