In-situ natural stone surfacing

In gardening and landscaping, paths and surfaced areas are mostly constructed using paving slabs, patio tiles and paving blocks made of natural stone and concrete. These robust paved surfaces guarantee the user the necessary slip resistance and barrier-free access. At the same time, they have a clean and uniform appearance. They are also easy to cross with prams and wheelchairs. And such surfaces also provide a sufficiently firm grip for people who use walkers or walking aids.

Jointless natural stone surfaces, laid in-situ, provide an innovative alternative to conventional surfacing materials. They are made of marble and granite in the form of rounded granules, which are mixed with a special binder on the construction site and then installed immediately. With its fine grains, the jointless natural stone surface has a homogeneous and particularly elegant appearance. And the natural stone surfacing has the added benefit of allowing greater scope for creative design. Organic shapes, colour differentiations and modelled terrains can be constructed using this method, without a great deal of effort. Depending on the material used, natural surfaces can be produced in different colours.

Jointless natural stone surfaces are very resistant to weathering. The material is abrasion-resistant and durable. The long-lasting, robust stone matrix ensures that the surface of the paving is permanently drained, thanks to its coarse-grained structure. The drainage system is completed with a free-draining subbase or an adequate crossfall. Due to the porous surface structure, moss growth is kept to a minimum. Superficial soiling, with leaves, soil or twigs, can be easily removed.

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