Weed control

Every beautifully designed garden, park and green space is based on a lot of work, passion and experience. To ensure that the colourful blossoms and lush greenery last for a long time, gardeners and landscapers put a great deal of effort into maintenance, all year round. However, hardly any gardening work is disliked as much as weeding, to remove dandelions, ground elder etc.

The free areas of perennial beds and vegetable plots, wooden decking, gravel paths, green strips, and gratings around trees are all particularly susceptible to weed growth, since the weeds can proliferate unhindered within a very short time. Constantly hoeing the area and removing the weeds may help in the short term, but this takes a lot of time and the hoed and loosened soil also quickly becomes an ideal growth medium for new weeds.

The use of chemical pesticides (herbicides) is no longer an option in many places, as their use in gardening and landscaping has been restricted by law in some cases. Also, chemical sprays go against our increased environmental awareness and the desire to create a near-natural garden.

Physical means of weed control, such as weed barriers, root barriers and anti-root non-woven fabrics offer a clever alternative here. The black weed barriers serve as tarpaulin covers that block out the sunlight required for weed growth. Root barriers and anti-root non-wovens restrict root growth and thus prevent the uncontrolled growth of unwanted vegetation. The soil is not sealed off. Water and air can still pass through the weed barriers unhindered. With these solutions, the weeds are effectively controlled without the use of toxic pesticides or environmentally harmful measures.

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