Concrete mats

Concrete mats belong to the new class of products known as geosynthetic cementitious composite mats (GCCM). The concrete composite mats have a sandwich structure comprising geosynthetics with an embedded concrete mixture. The concrete mats are delivered to the construction site in rolls. The flexible mats are laid and water is then applied, after which they harden to form a thin, durable, dense and fireproof concrete layer.

Due to the various materials incorporated in the mats, they combine the functions of erosion protection, sealing, separating and protecting in one combination product. On the one hand, they have the robustness, fire resistance and durability of the concrete, while on the other they benefit from the excellent abrasion resistance and sealing properties of the geosynthetics.

The range of applications for concrete mats is diverse. In road and traffic route construction they are used for constructing or renovating drains, channels and rainwater retention basins. In hydraulic engineering, they are used in dyke and dam structures to provide durable erosion protection. When it comes to rehabilitating infrastructure such as precast concrete elements, concrete basins and corrugated-sheet culverts, the composite mats provide a quick and easy solution here too.

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