Synthetic turf & sports field construction materials

The construction of modern sports facilities is a demanding task. This is why it is usually undertaken by suitably experienced consulting engineers and specialised contractors. In order to construct sports fields and synthetic turf systems in compliance with the standards, high-quality construction materials are essential.

For example, natural turf fields require suitable sports turf substrates that serve as a drainage layer and a sub-base layer for the turf. The prerequisites for good growth and strong turf are optimum water permeability of the substrate, high water retention capacity, a good supply of nutrients, outstanding surface elasticity, low susceptibility to over compaction, and optimum filter stability.

Dynamic layers have proven their worth as a substructure beneath water-bound crushed aggregate surfaces of tennis courts, football pitches and athletics fields. They improve elasticity and provide a graded aggregate transition between the mineral surface and the sub-base layer. The dynamic layers store moisture, which is later released to the water-bound surface layer in dry weather.

In addition to natural turf and rubber surfaces, synthetic turf or synthetic turf systems have also now established themselves as sports surfaces. Mostly, they are used on heavy-duty training pitches and small playing fields. The most important factor in ensuring that the synthetic turf has similar characteristics to those of natural turf is the elasticity of the overall system. This depends essentially on the structure of the synthetic turf system and, in particular, on the elastic layer beneath the turf. If these components are carefully coordinated, a high-quality, hard-wearing and durable playing surface is created.

Water-bound crushed aggregate sports field surfaces offer a cost-effective and simple alternative to natural grass, rubber surfaces and synthetic turf. The crushed aggregates used are mineral sports field construction materials such as quartz porphyry. The most frequently used building material for tennis courts is tennis court aggregate or crushed brick aggregate.

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Synthetic turf & sports field construction materials

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