Asphalt Reinforcement

A large proportion of the classified roads in Germany are constructed with a surface course made of asphalt. Depending on the expected traffic load, the load class and thus the road pavement design are determined according to the official design data sheet. This ensures that road construction is tailored to the loading conditions and is both technically optimal and economically viable.

Asphalt reinforcement grids are successfully used to extend the service life and maintenance intervals of roads and traffic areas with bituminous surfacing, whether in new construction or renovation projects. The grid structures are made from various raw materials, usually glass fibres or polyester yarns, but also polypropylene, steel and carbon. Depending on the specific requirements, the grids may have an additional non-woven fabric layer or a laying aid to facilitate installation of the grid.

When used correctly, asphalt reinforcement grids in multi-layer asphalt pavements are capable of absorbing tensile forces in the long term, thus ensuring that the asphalt pavement remains usable for longer. When used for road rehabilitation, asphalt reinforcement grids prevent or minimise the propagation of existing cracks from the subgrade into the new surfacing. Using asphalt reinforcement grids, asphalt traffic surfaces with various patterns of cracking can be rehabilitated, connections, seams and joints can be made, and old concrete pavements can be surfaced with asphalt.

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