Fall protection and elastic products

Modern play, sports and recreational areas need to be particularly attractive, functional and experience-oriented for their users. Protection, safety and aftercare play a key role in the design and construction of these facilities. With the right, standard-compliant fall protection products made of rubber granulate, the risk of injuries for children, athletes and senior citizens can be reduced to a minimum.

For many decades, moulded fall protection products have been used as safe and innovative materials for creating recreational and play areas. These versatile moulded parts are available in various colours and designs.

The particularly elastic safety tiles are water permeable and have excellent shock-absorbing properties. Depending on the thickness and cross-section of the safety tiles, they can be used for fall heights of up to three metres and are tested accordingly. They are particularly suitable for playgrounds, schoolyards, swimming pools, gymnastics surfaces and for use beneath climbing equipment.

As an alternative to elastic tiles, elastic interlocking pavers or T-blocks can be used. Since the individual pavers interlock with each other, no special jointing or bonding is required. The subbase and laying method are the same as for concrete block paving. They are used in schoolyards, flat roofs, stable aisles and golf course paths, for example.

Palisades, path edgings, sandpit edgings and step covers are also used to protect against injuries and at the same time offer a great deal of creative freedom. They can be used to create seating areas and geometric shapes or to separate different areas from each other.

Fall protection moulded parts are a recycled product and therefore make an active contribution to environmental protection. The parts are made predominantly of rubber from processed old tyres and can also be recycled themselves.

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