Fall protection, edgings & surfacing

With the right fall protection, the risk of injuries on playgrounds and sports grounds can be reduced or even completely avoided. Whatever material is used for the fall protection, its shock-absorbing properties are the crucial feature. A general distinction is made between loose fall protection materials, such as sand, gravel or wood chips, and in-situ or industrially prefabricated fall protection surfaces made of granulated rubber. Safety surfaces on children’s playgrounds and sports facilities are extremely important. They are recommended even for lower fall heights.

Today, safety tiles and elastic moulded parts are available in many different designs and colours. As an alternative, in-situ jointless safety surfaces made of granulated rubber are also available. These can be produced in numerous colours. More complex shapes, with hills or depressions, can be equipped with a safety surface using this alternative. This means that the jointless safety surfaces can also be used to good effect as a design element. Palisades and edgings made of granulated rubber can be used around sandpits or paths.

Thanks to the combination of industrially manufactured elastic layers and the latest generation of near-natural synthetic turf, safety surfaces can be constructed as green areas. The elastic layer underneath the synthetic turf guarantees the required fall protection, and the synthetic turf is hardly distinguishable from natural grass in terms of appearance and feel. In contrast to natural grass, a synthetic turf safety surface is extremely resilient and requires very little maintenance throughout its years of service. It retains its fall-cushioning properties even during wet weather and sub-zero temperatures. Outdoor facilities usually include paths, patios and plazas in addition to fall protection areas. For these areas, a special jointless natural stone surface made of stone granulate is available to ensure safe, barrier-free use. Attractive ramps, areas or paths can be created without any steps or offsets.

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Fall protection, edgings & surfacing

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