Noise protection & visual barriers

Noise protection and visual barriers play an important role in both industrial and civil engineering. Noise emissions from various sources can be a strain on people and nature, but the emissions can be absorbed or deflected by means of suitable protective structures. Noise protection structures are often constructed alongside railway lines, main roads, motorways and other traffic routes. However, visual barriers are now also becoming increasingly important. In a world where privacy plays an important role, visual barriers are often desired and required in both the private and industrial sectors. Embankments, fences or walls made of various materials can be used for this purpose.

Since space is often limited, solutions with a small footprint are frequently used for privacy and noise protection. Such walls are usually ingenious structures made of concrete, steel, wood, glass or rock-filled gabions. Due to aesthetic and ecological considerations, there is an increasing demand for greened visual barriers and noise protection walls. As well as looking attractive, such green solutions offer the benefits of high sound absorption and a habitat for all kinds of plants and animals.

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