Woven geotextiles

Woven geotextiles in civil engingeering are often flexible woven tape fabrics made of polypropylene. Applications for woven fabrics as a reinforcement product range from the construction of paths and temporary construction site access roads to the construction of classified roads and traffic routes. In addition to their primary function of reinforcement, however, they also serve the purpose of separating and filtering. To act as a filter, the woven geotextiles must have a specific, characteristic opening size. Only then can they prevent the fine soil particles in the subsoil from migrating into the frost protection or unbound base layers.

Woven fabrics are full-surface geosynthetics and belong to the category of geotextiles. They are created by the crosswise interweaving of tapes consisting of warp and weft. Woven geotextiles can be made of multifilament yarn, monofilaments, plastic film tapes, splice yarns or other types of yarn. Polypropylene (PP) or polyester (PET) is usually used as the raw material.

Woven tape fabrics are mostly used as a cost-effective solution for surface stabilisation and for increasing the load-bearing capacity. Because woven geotextiles combine the functions of separating, filtering and reinforcing in one geosynthetic product, they represent a cost-effective solution for establishing a stable foundation for bound or unbound base courses. In woven geotextiles, the forces are transmitted by a kind of membrane effect, which creates tension throughout the entire product. To ensure the tension it is necessary to wrap-back or laterally embed the woven geotextile.

The use of woven geotextiles in gardening, landscaping and sports field construction is also becoming increasingly popular. Here they are used as separating, filtering and reinforcement layers under paths, sports facilities, riding arenas and paddocks.

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