Synthetic turf for gardens

As is the case with sports fields, the use of synthetic turf is also becoming increasingly popular in gardens and landscaping. In private applications, synthetic turf is mainly used for decorative purposes, on smaller areas on terraces or balconies. A special synthetic turf for gardens can be a sensible alternative to natural lawns, even across large areas. It offers numerous advantages compared to natural grass when used in private, commercial or public green spaces.

Synthetic turf requires nowhere near the amount of maintenance that natural turf demands. It does not need to be mowed, fertilised or watered. Synthetic turf does not suffer from moss growth either, and it is ideal for dark and shaded areas on the north side of buildings. The maintenance of synthetic turf is limited to occasional cleaning and brushing. For this reason, synthetic turf is becoming more popular with users who want to have a visually appealing green area without too much maintenance effort.

Synthetic turf for gardens is extremely robust and durable. In contrast to natural turf, there is practically no risk of damage by trampling if excessive use of the turf occurs. And modern synthetic turf is visually and haptically almost indistinguishable from natural turf, which means that children, families and pets are also more than happy with the results. High-quality synthetic turf for gardens is green all year round and can be used in all seasons and weather conditions. Synthetic turf is available in various colours and with various pile heights. This makes it possible to find the right turf to meet any needs or requirements.

Synthetic turf for gardens is not used exclusively in private settings, but also for commercial and public applications. In kindergartens, schools, retirement homes and hospitals, synthetic turf has already been very successfully used in gardens, inner courtyards, atriums and outdoor areas. Near-natural synthetic turf is also increasingly being used to create a green oasis in roof gardens, office buildings, hotels and restaurants.

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