Roof construction materials

Roofs are the fifth façade of the building. They offer protection in all weather conditions. The roofing is exposed to natural weather conditions, but also to environmental influences and deposits – so the construction materials that protect the roof structure must be correspondingly robust. A general distinction is made between flat roofs and pitched roofs. Pitched roofs are defined as roofs with an incline of more than 20°.

Different roofing materials are used depending on the roof pitch, roof shape and planning regulations. For pitched roofs, the spectrum ranges from classic clay roof tiles and concrete roof tiles to metal roofs. Most of the roofing components are not connected with each other by a watertight seal, they simply drain the water away. This means that a sealing layer must be provided under the roof covering to protect the actual roof construction. The sealing layer can be either a polymeric geomembrane or a welded bitumen roofing membrane. As these membranes are completely waterproof, they are also used as waterproofing on flat roofs. In order to protect the waterproofing from mechanical and chemical damage, layer systems are used that incorporate root-barrier membranes, drainage mats, non-woven fabrics and structural protection mats. These protect the roof waterproofing from mechanical damage even in the construction phase.

Inclined roofs with a metal covering made of aluminium, copper or titanium zinc are particularly popular with architects. With the diverse range of metal panels available, intriguing roof landscapes and façades can be created using the “standing seam” technique. In order to guarantee the advantages of such roof constructions in the long term, metal roofing systems are used as the substructure beneath the metal covering. These systems include three-dimensional separating layers, fabric spacers, acoustic layers for protection against noise emissions, and vapour-permeable roof underlays to protect the roof structure and the thermal insulation against the effects of external moisture.

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Roof construction materials

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