In-situ safety surfaces

Jointless safety surfaces are always a good solution if users of sports and play areas need protection against injuries caused by falls, or if the risk of injury needs to be minimised not only on horizontal but also on inclined surfaces. The great advantage of jointless safety surfaces installed in-situ: there are no steps, grooves, tripping hazards or offsets.

Jointless safety surfaces comprise a highly elastic base course and a coloured EPDM top layer. They can be produced in many different colours and hues and can be installed in-situ on surfaces with an inclination of up to 45 degrees. This dramatically extends the scope for creative design in fall protection areas.

The water-permeable structure of the paving system is adapted according to the conditions on site and to the customer’s design requirements. Playgrounds with monkey bars, climbing frames and swings, play landscapes with hills and depressions, play zones in schoolyards, and roof gardens are all typical applications for in-situ safety surfaces, as are paths in kindergartens, schools, hospitals or senior citizens’ centres, i.e. wherever it would be beneficial to have paths and surfaces that are slip resistant and easy on the joints.

Jointless safety surfaces are also widely used on multisport fields. Here, the pitches are used not only for football, of course, but also for basketball and volleyball – sports where a secure footing is essential. These safety surfaces are also used in care homes for dementia patients, hospitals and rehabilitation clinics, because they not only reduce the risk of injury in the event of a fall, but also give patients a feeling of safety thanks to their anti-slip surface.

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