In civil engineering, complex, multi-layer challenges often arise where the different functions of various product groups are required simultaneously in one application. In earthworks for road and traffic route construction, geosynthetics are used for separating, filtering, draining, reinforcing, protecting and sealing. In order to be able to fulfil several of these functions simultaneously for certain applications, a wide variety of geocomposites have been developed over the years.

As the name suggests, geocomposites are created by combining several individual geosynthetics or by combining a geosynthetic with other materials. The result is a particularly high-performance geosynthetic composite that combines two or more functions in a single product. In addition to the obvious technical advantages, there are also economic aspects to consider. Combination products offer significant potential savings during installation, since only one instead of several individual products has to be laid, which means that several work steps can be eliminated.

Composites or combination products usually have the technical properties and perform the functions of the products from which they are made. Their areas of application are the same as those of the individual products. Drainage composites such as drainage grids, drainage mats and drainage membranes are some of the most familiar geocomposites. Here the functions of filtering, separating and draining are combined in one product. The geosynthetic drainage layer takes on the task of draining away water. The non-woven fabrics that are bonded to one or both sides of the drainage layer in the factory act as a separating and filtering medium in relation to the soil.

Combinations of geogrids with non-wovens for soil stabilisation are also very successful geocomposites. In this type of application, a separating and filtering non-woven fabric is often required in addition to the reinforcing geogrid. Both functional layers are installed in a single combined product, in just one work step instead of two. This saves time and resources and also the environment.

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