Sealing membranes

In all areas of structural and civil engineering where the protection of infrastructure, buildings, the environment and water are concerned, geomembranes are usually part of the solution. This is particularly true in the case of landfill sites, tunnel construction and water engineering. In terms of classification, geomembranes belong to the category of geosynthetics. There they form a separate subgroup, which is divided into polymeric geomembranes, geosynthetic clay liners, also known as bentonite mats, and swelling agent geomembranes.

Polymeric geomembranes are not water-permeable. They are made of HDPE or LDPE with different material thicknesses and surface textures depending on the application. Geosynthetic clay liners are mineral sealing elements comprising two layers of geotextile between which a highly expansive clay mineral (bentonite) is embedded.

Where sealing against water, fuels and seepage water is required, polymeric geomembranes and geosynthetic clay liners in particular play an especially important role. In all areas of application where sealing and safety are an issue, strict regulatory requirements and high technical standards apply to the sealing system and to its individual components.

The most stringent standards for sealing membranes apply in landfill construction. In these surface sealing systems, the highest quality polymeric geomembranes and bentonite mats are used, sometimes also in combination.

Sealing membranes are also used in road and traffic route construction for groundwater protection as well as in rainwater retention basins and storage basins. In hydraulic engineering, they are used as a sealing layer for flood protection in waterways, rivers, channels, flood polders and dams.

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