Drainage matting

The correct management of water plays an essential role in construction engineering. A functioning drainage system for ground water, aquifer water and seepage water in earthworks and next to buildings is just as necessary as adequately dimensioned systems for draining precipitation and surface water from buildings, land and traffic areas.

In building construction and civil engineering, geosynthetic composite materials such as drainage mats, drainage grids and drainage membranes are used as a standard solution for draining large areas. They are a key component of drainage systems and provide lasting protection against the damaging effects of water for waterproofing systems and structures in contact with the soil.

Drainage grids and drainage mats generally comprise a three-dimensional drainage layer that is bonded to a non-woven filtration fabric on one or both sides, depending on the application. These geocomposites combine the high drainage capacity of the drainage layer with the excellent filtering properties of the non-woven fabric in one homogeneous product.

The fields of application of drainage matting range from the collection and drainage of seepage water in earthworks for road and tunnel construction to the drainage of structural rear ventilation for bridge abutments and structural components in contact with the soil in road and tunnel construction, and the replacement of mineral drainage layers in surface sealing systems in landfill construction.

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