Garden construction materials

Many people have their own garden where they can spend most of their free time. Depending on the size of the garden and the individual abilities of the owners, the design and planting is carried out either by the owners themselves or by professionals from an experienced gardening and landscaping company.

Today, a large number of gardening materials, tools and machines are available for construction and maintenance. Many of the products have found their way from professional gardening and landscaping into DIY stores and thus to the home garden.

This welcome development has also taken place in the case of modern geosynthetics. Geotextiles are now available in various manageable sizes for both private and professional use. Non-wovens, for example, have been successfully used in gardens for years, as separating, filtering or stabilising layers beneath paths, patios and driveways. Weed barrier fabrics have proven their worth as an alternative to pesticides for preventing unwanted vegetation and ensuring easier maintenance of planted areas, patios, and paths made of wood. Water can pass through the fabric, but hardly any light. The lack of sunlight means that weeds cannot continue to proliferate in the covered areas.

Pool surrounds are a key element in the design of garden and landscape spaces. Natural stone coverings, which combine high-quality stone granules with environmentally friendly binders, offer a seamless and visually appealing solution that is weather and UV resistant. These materials provide a safe, non-slip and aesthetically pleasing pool area design that combines natural beauty with functionality.

When creating new gardens on a slope, there is a risk that part of the topsoil could be washed away during heavy rainfall. This can be prevented with erosion protection products made of coconut, jute or plastic. These products protect the soil and hold the plants in place during the initial growth phase.

Grids made of plastic or steel are also useful for controlling pests. Both smaller and larger burrowing animals can be naturally deterred and gently driven away by robust grid structures in place of bait and traps. Safety tiles and moulded safety edgings made of granulated rubber in various colours and designs have been in use in private gardens and communal areas for many years. They are used as safety surfaces in playgrounds and beneath slides or climbing frames. The edgings are used to create sandpit or flower bed surrounds. Modern synthetic turf is also used, for the construction of green areas. For lawns with high usage or areas with a lot of shade or a low maintenance budget, synthetic turf with a natural look is a sensible alternative.

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