Droptec Protection and Drainage Membrane

DROPTEC is a versatile geosynthetic that performs the functions of protection, drainage and filtration in a single unique product. This high-quality protection and drainage membrane takes on a wide range of drainage tasks in surface sealing systems for landfill sites, in tunnel structures, for the protection of buildings, structures and foundation walls and in green roof systems on underground garages and flat roofs.

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The primary raw material in DROPTEC Protection and Drainage Membranes is polyethylene (PE). Recycled polyethylene foam flakes of varying grain size are permanently bound together in a thermal process – without the use of adhesives or chemical additives – to form sheets and mats.

Only closed-pore polyethylene foam is used, which takes up hardly any moisture, thanks to its cross-linked structure. Cross-linked polyethylene (PEX) is characterised by its excellent dimensional stability, low creep, high temperature resistance, high chemical resistance and insusceptibility to static pressure loading.

The open structure between the individual foam flakes ensures excellent gas and water permeability and a high drainage capacity.

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The standard DROPTEC version has a non-woven geotextile made of polyester (PET) mechanically bonded on one side of the membrane. The geotextile is bonded to the membrane during the manufacturing process. This ensures a stable bond between the drainage core and the geotextile across the entire area of the membrane.

Because the geotextile forms a stable filter in combination with most types of soil, it is effective in preventing the undesired ingress of fine particles into the drainage core. In order to provide the same level of protection at the butt joints between the membrane sheets, one side and one end of each DROPTEC Protection and Drainage Membrane has an additional overhanging width of geotextile that overlaps the neighbouring membrane at the joints.

The drainage performance of DROPTEC Protection and Drainage Membranes is further improved by the longitudinal grooves on the underside of the membrane.

These channels, which are formed during manufacture, ensure rapid drainage in the longitudinal direction.



The primary function of the DROPTEC drainage mat is to collect rainwater, groundwater and other liquids or gases across the area of the mat and to drain them away within the plane of the drainage mat. The drainage mats are dimensioned according to the expected loading level and required drainage flows.


The geotextile that is bonded to the DROPTEC mat acts as a filter, holding back soil components and other particles while allowing liquids and gases to pass through it at right-angles to the filter plane. The geotextile thus acts as a filter element between the soil to be drained and the drainage layer.


Sealing membranes and structures need to be permanently protected against mechanical damage. Using DROPTEC Protection and Drainage Membranes provides effective protection against damage caused by sharp edges and unevenness of the subgrade or fill material.


Landfill and contaminated sites

In the past, mineral clay layers were used as the sealing element. Today, geosynthetic clay liners, synthetic geomembranes or combination products are the materials of choice.

Two important functions are the removal of seepage water from the recultivation layer and the protection of the sealing layer against mechanical damage. DROPTEC Protection and Drainage Membranes have been used successfully in such applications for more than 25 years.

In addition to high drainage capacity, DROPTEC also provides outstanding protection of the sealing system against point loads caused by coarse-grain fill material. As a drainage and protection component, DROPTEC is laid directly on the sealing layer and covered with a suitable fill material.

DROPTEC’s high drainage capacity also guarantees optimal drainage of waterlogged areas, groundwater and aquifer water. Due to the flexibility of the raw material, DROPTEC Protection and Drainage Membranes can also be installed around complex structural shapes without much additional effort or expense. DROPTEC can also be supplied in rolls of a specific length as required for the structure in question. The installation on site is quick and user-friendly.

Green roofs

The greening of buildings has become a key component of modern architecture and town planning. In addition to ecological benefits, near-natural ecological off-set areas also offer a multitude of economic benefits for both property developers and users.

Visually attractive green roofs are suitable not only for flat roofs, but also for garages, carports, shopping centres, factory buildings, warehouses, underground car parks etc. Green roofs create new habitats for plants and animals and generate an agreeable microclimate.

From an economic standpoint, green roofs also make sound financial sense. They provide effective protection against harmful environmental influences and extend the service life of the entire roof structure. Large quantities of rainwater can be buffered and discharged in a controlled manner.

The purpose of modern green roof systems is to increase the value of the property and at the same time minimise its detrimental ecological impact.

Since the excess rainwater that falls on a green roof cannot soak away naturally, a special high-performance drainage system is required in the form of a drainage membrane. Without this, there is a risk that the vegetation could become waterlogged and perish. Rainwater is taken up and stored by the vegetation and the substrate. Excess water is drained away via the drainage layer and discharged, after a delay, into the sewer network.

The low specific weight of the raw material means that DROPTEC is able to offer optimal thickness with low intrinsic weight and high drainage capacity, making it ideal for use on modern green roofs.

DROPTEC also provides the roof cladding with excellent protection against mechanical damage, which significantly extends the life of the sealing system.

Protection of structures and buildings

Buildings and structures need to be protected against moisture and water. Seepage water, aquifer water and pressing groundwater can result in undesirable moisture penetration, despite the presence of the sealing layer.

This is because the sealing layer can fail if the water pressure is too high. The situation can be remedied by installing an effective drainage system. Cellar walls, underground garages, bridge abutments and foundations are particularly affected. DROPTEC Protection and Drainage Membranes provide the solution here, as a durable drainage element that ensures reliable drainage of water from vertical walls.

In addition, DROPTEC provides effective protection, both during and after the construction phase, against perforation of the structure's sealing system by stones, rubble or other objects. This particularly robust material can also withstand high compressive loading and simultaneously ensures optimal drainage performance.

DROPTEC Protection and Drainage Membranes are natural, environmentally friendly and rot-proof. The flexible structure of DROPTEC makes it easy to handle and simple to install.


  • Drainage, protection and filter layer, all combined in a single product
  • Excellent drainage performance
  • High level of protection
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Easy to lay and to cut
  • Cost-effective installation without any overlap losses
  • Many areas of application
  • Environmentally-friendly overall concept


  1. Always handle the product with care when unloading.
  2. The mats can be laid in all normal weather conditions. The work need only be interrupted or postponed in the case of heavy rain or strong winds.
  3. The surface onto which the mat is to be laid must be flat and free of pointed or sharp-edged objects.
  4. DROPTEC must always be laid without creasing and with the grooves running in the direction of slope.
  5. DROPTEC is laid with the filter geotextile on top.
  6. The DROPTEC membranes are laid adjacent to each other with butt joints.
  7. The bonded geotextile protrudes beyond the edge of the mat, which allows it to overlap the butt joint.

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