RENO PLUS Mattresses

RENO PLUS Mattresses are a highly effective method when it comes to ensuring the stability of riverbanks and riverbeds. These products are lightweight steel wire mesh compartmented baskets with a rectangular box shape that can be filled with natural stones once opened. The term "mattress" has become synonymous with these structures, owing to their dimensions of up to 3 x 6 metres and their relatively low height.

The mattresses are flexible and adapt excellently to the irregular courses of riverbanks. By being fully plantable, these mattresses meet all the requirements for creating nearnatural riverbank habitats. The diverse plant species that grow on these mattresses, varying in size and type, actively contribute to shading and cooling the surrounding environment, while also absorbing CO₂.

These mattresses offer lasting protection against burrowing animals, making them the ideal choice for safeguarding riverbanks long term.

Close-up of a built-in RENO PLUS river mattress on a green riverbank

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Material savings due to reduced revetment thickness

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Infografik Reno Plus Flussmatratzen in der Anwendung

High load capacity with low layer thickness. The distinctive design of RENO PLUS Mattresses, including double partition panels (diaphragms), ensures exceptional positional stability of the rockfill, making them significantly more resilient compared to conventional mattresses. In terms of shear stress absorption alone, it enables riverbank protection that can be achieved with a considerably reduced layer thickness.

The reduced material demands stemming from the decreased layer thickness result in substantial savings: less material transportation, faster mattress filling and installation, shorter operational periods for construction machinery and workers, ultimately culminating in lower expenses for both material and labour.

RENO PLUS Mattresses exhibit exceptional resilience, enabling them to achieve effective riverbank protection with a layer thickness that is up to 73% less than that required for traditional armourstone-based methods.

RENO PLUS Flussmatratzen Grafik Systembestandteile
1. Steel-wire mesh with PoliMac coating I 2. Double diaphragm I 3. X-ties

System components

PoliMac coating as long-term corrosion protection

RENO PLUS Mattresses consist of a double twisted hexagonal woven wire mesh with a mesh size of 6 x 8 cm. The woven wire mesh is galvanised and provided with a corrosion-resistant PoliMac PVC coating. According to standard DIN EN 10223-3, this corrosion protection ensures a working life of up to 120 years even in a high-aggressive environment (C4).

Double diaphragm partition panels

The bottom as well as the cell partition panels and side panels consist of a continuous piece of steel wire mesh. The cell partition panels are produced by folding the woven wire mesh up and over, resulting in a doubled structure that enhances both stability and strength. The sturdy and robust double diaphragms effectively prevent any bending or sagging during the installation process and ensure that the cells maintain their dimensional stability even when filled.


For enhanced resistance to high shear stress, special vertical connecting elements, known as X-ties, are provided and strategically installed at the centre of the mattresses to ensure a secure and optimal fit of the lid. By providing essential reinforcement, the rockfill is effectively held in place, enabling the mattresses to absorb and effectively dissipate even the most extreme levels of shear stress.

Optional lid variants

The steel wire mesh for the lid is supplied in rolls and can be combined with various other products such as coir mats, geomats or rodent protection nets ex works.


Riverbank and riverbed protection and erosion control

By absorbing high levels of shear stress, RENO PLUS Mattresses offer a slender alternative to conventional riverbank revetment or riverbed protection.


RENO PLUS mattresses are primarily used for hydraulic works to ensure riverbank and riverbed protection and as channel linings for erosion control with high flow rates and/or pronounced bed loads. The mattresses are also ideal for use in areas at high risk of erosion and underwash.

Further applications include surface erosion control in loose rock formations and as a lining solution for cleanliness areas in conjunction with underlying fouling protection.

Application graphic of RENO PLUS river mattresses of riverbank protection system on existing sealing. Detailed representation by allocation of the RENO PLUS mattress, protective non-woven fabric, e.g. BETEX TP, CONCRETE CANVAS mat as resistance to root penetration and asphalt sealing.

Riverbank protection system on existing sealing

  1. RENO PLUS Mattress
  2. Protective non-woven fabric, e.g. BETEX TP
  3. as resistance to root penetration
  4. Asphalt sealing
Bb Grafik Uferboeschung Sohlsicherung 2880px

Slope and riverbed protection, e.g. against screw turbulence

  1. RENO PLUS Mattress
  2. Filtering non-woven fabric, e.g. BETEX TP or a non-woven fabric for hydraulic works
  3. RENO PLUS Mattress pre-filled in the bed area, if necessary, and pre-assembled with a non-woven fabric
Bb Aufgehaengtes Deckwerk 2880px 1

Suspended revetment

  1. Steel mat
  2. RENO PLUS Mattress
  3. If necessary, anchorage
  4. Filtering non-woven fabric, e.g. BETEX TP or a non-woven fabric for hydraulic works
Bb Grafik Boeschungssicherung 2880px

Slope protection or erosion control (gradient > 1:1.5)

  1. RENO PLUS Mattress
  2. If necessary, anchorage
  3. Filtering non-woven fabric, e.g. BETEX TP

Dimensioning of RENO PLUS Mattresses

RENO PLUS Mattresses installation

RENO PLUS Mattresses are available in three thicknesses – 0.17 m, 0.23 m and 0.3 m – to meet varying riverbank protection requirements. The thickness of the mattress is based on the flow cross-section and the expected maximum flow velocity or on the associated shear stress. The expected bed load is also taken into account.

RENO Type Max. shear stress (N/m²) Max. flow velocity (m/s)
0,17 m 371 – 445 5,5 – 6,0
0,23 m 445 – 534 6,0 – 6,5
0,30 m 532 – 637 6,5 – 7,0


Test standard Properties Unit RENO PLUS
EN 10218-2 Steel wire diameter (inside/outside) mm 2,20 / 3,20
EN 10218-2 Edge wire diameter (inside/outside) mm 2,70 / 3,70
EN 10244-2 Galmac coating Class A
EN 10223-3 Rated tensile strength kN/m 40
ASTM A 975-21 Punching shear force wire mesh kN 20
ISO 6988 S0₂ corrosion resistance Cycles > 28
ISO 9227 Salt spray test (5% DBR) h > 6.000
ISO 4892-3 Resistance to UV rays (@ 2,500 hours) % < 25
EN 60229 Abrasion resistance Cycles > 300
ASTM D746-15 Brittleness temperature °C > -35
ASTM A975-21 Corrosion length less than one mesh Corrosion spread (@ 2,500 hours)


To be taken into account: As standard, it is crucial to prevent any mixing with the soil material of the underlying subsoil. To guarantee effective separation and filtration, it is advisable to position a suitable non-woven fabric, such as the mechanicallybonded non-woven fabric BETEX TP, beneath the mattress. From slope gradients > 1:1.5, it might be necessary to fix the mattresses to the slope surface.

Einbau 01
1. Folding the elements
Einbau 02
2. Folding up the diaphragms
Einbau 03
3. Positioning the X-ties
Einbau 04
4. Filling the cells
Einbau 05
5. Closing the lid
Einbau 06
6. Fixing the lid and X-ties



RENO PLUS Mattresses are extremely durable and robust and boast a long working life. In contrast to natural materials or purely plastic products, the PoliMac coated steel wire mesh demonstrates superior resistance to UV rays, extreme weather conditions and chemical degradation. This extends maintenance intervals, thereby reducing the frequency of interventions required in the watercourse. The working life is up to 120 years.

Working life of up to 120 years due to the PoliMac coating.
Nachhaltigkeit 1100px

Environmentally safe

All components of the RENO PLUS Mattresses are environmentally safe. This was fully proven within the framework of a German environmental safety certificate according to M Geok E and with the EPD certificate (Environmental Product Declaration).

Material recycling

At the end of their working life, RENO PLUS Mattresses can be recycled. The steel wire mesh can be efficiently melted down and re-purposed to create new products, thus significantly reducing the demand for new materials and minimising waste generation.

A graphic shows the savings potential of bank protection through the use of RENO PLUS river mattresses

Conservation of natural resources

The utilisation of RENO PLUS Mattresses allows for a considerable reduction in both the required rockfill size and installation thickness for riverbank and riverbed protection. The resulting CO₂ saving is up to 82% kgCO₂-eq per m² of riverbank protection.

Before and after comparison of the greening of built-in RENO PLUS river mattresses

Near-natural habitats

RENO PLUS Mattresses offer a natural habitat for aquatic plants and animals. The robust foundation provided by the steel wire mesh structure promotes the growth of vegetation, leading to enhanced water quality. Further, these habitats have the ability to attract a diverse range of aquatic life, including fish, amphibians and invertebrates. This can also help to enhance biodiversity in this area.


Built-in RENO PLUS Mattresses next to the mountains and a big forest
  • EPD certified
  • Measurable
  • High shear stress
  • Excellent resistance
  • Environmentally safe
  • Long working life
  • Abrasion resistant


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RENO PLUS Mattresses

RENO PLUS Mattresses

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