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Stone carpets represent a progressive solution for the design of outdoor areas, especially for pool surrounds. The seamless alternative offers a combination of aesthetics and function for pool and patio areas.

The natural stone covering is seamlessly processed directly on site to create a durable and visually appealing surface. Thanks to their special composition, stone carpets are particularly suitable for use around the pool, where slip resistance, weather resistance and easy maintenance are decisive factors.

Our PEGASTONE natural stone pool surrounds offer particularly high-quality and versatile design options, including various grain sizes and colors.


Advantages of a stone carpet pool surround

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Jointless installation

Barrier-free, non-slip surface

weather resistance


Characteristics of the stone carpet

A stone carpet for pool and outdoor areas is characterized by a number of properties that make it an excellent choice for a pool surround. Here is an overview of the specific properties that characterize our PEGASTONE natural stone flooring as a stone pool surround:

Poolumrandung Steinteppich

Seamless and barrier-free

The seamless and barrier-free installation ensures a uniformly even surface that not only increases safety around the pool, but also enables a seamless transition between the different areas of the outdoor space.


A structured pore distribution allows water to pass quickly through and away from the flooring, preventing the formation of puddles and increasing slip resistance.

Various grain sizes and colors

With versatile design options, a stone carpet as a pool surround offers the flexibility to create any outdoor area according to the desired design concept.

Steinteppich als Poolumrandung

Slip resistance R10

With a proven R10 slip resistance rating, our PEGASTONE natural stone flooring guarantees reliable safety and stability in all weather conditions, thus minimizing the risk of injury.


The high UV resistance guarantees that the vibrant colors of the stone carpet pool surround are retained even in constant sunlight.

Weather and frost resistant

Even under extreme conditions, the stone carpet as a pool surround retains its flawless surface, remains crack-free and structurally stable - even at sub-zero temperatures.

The ideal material for a stone carpet as a pool surround

Pool surround stone carpets should be made exclusively from high-quality materials and tested for quality to ensure a long service life. We therefore recommend a stone carpet made of PEGASTONE natural stone surfacing, which consists of the following material components:

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Precious stone granules

Made from selected natural stones such as marble and granite, which are not only visually appealing but are also known for their natural durability.

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Special binders

A highly developed, solvent-free binder ensures the longevity of the stone carpet pool surround and preserves its color intensity without harming the environment.

Colors of the PEGASTONE stone carpet pool surround

Our PEGASOFT stone pool surround offers a variety of design options with different stone sizes and colors, allowing you to customize the surface to match the style of your pool and garden. Our wide range of colors offers a few selected standard colors, but of course we also mix individual colors as desired.

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Laying pool surround stone carpet: Procedure

Steinteppich Pool Umrandung

Laying a stone carpet as a pool surround professionally and cleanly requires experience and expertise. Therefore, a stone carpet for pool and outdoor areas should only be installed by experienced specialist installers. Here is an overview of the professional installation process:

1. substrate preparation: the substrate must be firm, load-bearing, clean and free from cracks. Any unevenness must be evened out.

2. primer: A special floor primer is applied to the prepared substrate to ensure optimum adhesion.

3. mixing and application: The stone carpet mix of natural stone and special binder is mixed professionally. The mixture is then spread evenly over the floor and distributed manually to achieve an even surface.

4. curing: After application, the stone carpet must cure, which usually takes 24 hours. If necessary, a surface hardener is applied to protect the stone carpet.

5. quality control: Finally, an inspection is carried out to ensure that the stone carpet pool meets the requirements.

Structure of a PEGASTONE floor covering

Aufbau Einschichtig Pegastone 2880px

Single-layer structure

  1. PEGASTONE Natural Stone Surfacing (15 – 20mm)
  2. Bound sub-base layer
Aufbau Zweischichtig Pegastone 2880px

Two-layer structure

  1. PEGASTONE Natural Stone Surfacing surface course (10 mm)
  2. PEGASTONE Natural Stone Surfacing base course (20 mm)
  3. Bound sub-base layer
BECO BERMÜLLER not only offers you high-quality material for your pool surround, but also a comprehensive overall package of advice. As an experienced service provider, we support clients and contractors with our specialist knowledge.

We support you with planning, provide tips on material selection and accompany the entire installation process. Our aim is to achieve a result that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

Stone carpet pool: Costs

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The cost of a stone carpet pool surround can be influenced by various factors. On the one hand, the size of the area to be designed plays a role; larger areas can usually be realized at lower prices per square metre, especially if the substrate has already been prepared accordingly.

Secondly, the material quality is decisive: investing in high-quality natural stone and special bonding agents may initially increase the price, but it pays off in the long term through lower maintenance costs and a longer service life for the stone carpet.

The choice of design and colors for the stone carpet pool also has an influence on the price. Individual designs and special color mixtures often require additional material and labor, which is reflected in the final price.

Last but not least, labor costs are an important factor. Hiring experienced professionals guarantees a professional and therefore long-lasting finish that minimizes future repair costs.

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In general, the average cost of a stone carpet for pool and outdoor areas is in the mid double-digit range per square meter. This is a general guideline and actual costs may vary depending on the factors mentioned above and regional prices.

It should be noted that these costs often only include the materials and installation. Additional services such as substrate preparation or integration of drainage systems may incur additional charges.

We recommend obtaining a customized quote to determine the exact cost of your project. Contact us for details and comprehensive advice from our experienced experts.

Areas of application Stone carpet - pool surrounds and more

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Stone carpets are not just an elegant solution for pool surrounds. Their versatility also extends to numerous other applications, ranging from public spaces to private outdoor areas. Thanks to its robustness and aesthetic adaptability, PEGASTONE stone carpets are ideal for:

  • Terraces: An outdoor retreat that is both stylish and durable with a stone carpet.
  • Paths: Seamless paths that blend harmoniously into the landscape and are also non-slip and barrier-free.
  • Balconies and stairs: Natural stone coverings also ensure a uniform look and safety in outdoor areas.
  • Public areas: Stone carpets meet high demands in terms of durability and aesthetics in heavily frequented areas.
  • Outdoor areas of institutions: Schools, daycare centers, clinics and retirement homes benefit from the easy maintenance and safety of the flooring.

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