Woven geogrids made of polyester yarns are used where long-lasting solutions would not be feasible with the classical methods of earthworks, or only at great financial expense.

BEGRID FLEX are woven geogrids made of high-tensile polyester yarns. Maximum tensile strengths range from 30 kN/m to 200 kN/m in the longitudinal direction (warp direction). For stabilization and protection, the geogrid is coated with a protective plastic layer.

Begrid Flex 1300px


In contrast to close-meshed meshes, the particular advantage of BEGRID FLEX geogrids is the grain interlocking of subgrade and fill material, which is only made possible by the coarse-meshed mesh structure.

This makes BEGRID FLEX geogrids the economical and safe solution for many applications where cohesionless, coarse-grained soils need to be reinforced.

BEGRID FLEX geogrids are manufactured in different tensile strengths. This allows product selection in coordination with project-specific design.

Further advantages are the high flexibility and adaptability to the subgrade, the low elongation and creep tendency as well as the good bond behavior. Due to the high tear propagation forces, BEGRID FLEX geogrids are only affected to a minor extent by possible damage during installation.

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